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We may be biased, but we think Britain is a fantastic place to visit in all seasons! British weather can be unpredictable but come prepared and you’ll find that each time of year has its own appeal.



From March to June, wild flowers come out, nights get longer, the weather warms up and towards the end of spring we often get the best weather of the year.


From June to September the weather is at its warmest and driest and this is the most popular time for holidays in Britain. However, tourist attractions are at their busiest, particularly during School summer holidays, which run from mid-July to the end of August.


From September to November the colours around the country begin to change as autumnal golds and oranges spread through the landscape, but the weather can be unpredictable. It is possible to get warm, sunny ‘Indian summers’ in September and even into October but by November it is likely we will be seeing wintery showers, especially in northern England and Scotland.


From November to February the days become shorter, the weather colder and wetter. That said, a crisp, sunny, winter’s day with a scattering of snow can be the most beautiful time to see the British countryside and crowds will be fewer. The run up to Christmas has a festive atmosphere and lots of events are organised across Britain and there is always a cosy pub with a roaring fire to settle into if the weather is against you!

School holidays

As in most countries, during school holidays prices are at their highest and hotels and sights at their busiest.

School holidays in Britain are generally:

  • Six weeks over summer from mid-July to the end of August.
  • A week either side of Christmas.
  • A week either side of Easter.
  • Three one week 'half-term' holidays – one in February, one in June and one in October.

When you enquire about a UK holiday with Great British Escapes, we will let you know whether there are school holidays at the time of your proposed trip and how this may affect you.

Bank Holidays

There are 8 standard 'bank holiday' days in Britain. These are weekdays that most people have off work and many businesses will either be closed or operate Sunday opening hours (don't worry, pubs and restaurants will still be open!).

Hotels are often very busy over bank holiday weekends when many people have a three-day weekend. Great British Escapes will let you know whether there is a bank holiday during the time of your trip to Britain and, if so, how it might affect you.

A list of bank holidays in Britain can be found by visiting the UK Government's website below.

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