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A couple of miles north of the centre, lively Camden Town is the place to go to admire tattoos, multiple piercings and eclectic fashion statements. An intoxicating combination of trendy bars and restaurants, quirky boutiques, and a fascinating market, complete with a huge variety of international food stalls, Camden Town is definitely one of a kind.

Heading west, you come to genteel Kew and the famous Kew Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a fascinating outing for anyone with even a passing interest in horticulture. Continue to wealthy Richmond for its excellent shopping, lovely pubs, perfect riverside setting and vast parkland with roaming deer, then further along the river to perfectly preserved Hampton Court Palace and its beautiful grounds.

Alternatively, head east to Maritime Greenwich with its fascinating naval history, magnificent park and the Royal Observatory.

Image © VisitBritain / Historic Royal Palaces