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Dundee, Angus’ only major city, is set in a great location on the northern side of the Firth of Tay. As well as a pleasant atmosphere, friendly locals and some decent coastline, Dundee’s key highlights are Discovery Point, where The Discovery, the ship that took Robert Falcon Scott to the Antartic in 1901, sits proudly, and the excellent Verdent Works Museum, which brings to life the story of Dundee’s industrial past.

Glamis Castle is the obvious attraction in the area. A striking and decadent fourteenth century Baronial castle in impressive grounds, Glamis was the childhood home of the Queen Mother.

Otherwise, Angus is fairly undiscovered by the tourist crowds and is a lovely place to explore some of quiet, rural Scotland. The Angus Glens, on the southern edge of the Grampian Mountains, offer excellent walking country and some very scenic driving over the mountains into Deeside. This area is also renowned for its wealth of Pictish inscribed stones dating from as early as the first century AD.

The highlight of the coast is old-fashioned Arbroath, where you can buy the famous Arbroath Smokies (a local form of smoked haddock) from the many fish shops around the harbour and admire the attractive abbey ruins.

Image © VisitBritain / Rod Edwards