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The small city of Cambridge is famous as the location of one of the world’s most prestigious universities and it is the university buildings that provide Cambridge with its wealth of fine architecture and feeling of having changed little in centuries.

Many of the university colleges have pristine gardens backing onto the River Cam (known as ‘the Backs’), where you can hire a punt and take to the river for a wonderful way to see these magnificent buildings. The winding streets, peaceful quadrangles and intricate chapels are a pleasure to wander through.

It is easy to escape to the country from Cambridge and a pleasant walk straight out of the city takes you to the picturesque riverside village of Grantchester. For a fascinating, if less idyllic, outing, the impressive Imperial War Museum is housed in a World War II frontline fighter airfield, just outside the city.

Historic Ely is another Cambridgeshire gem, with its stunning cathedral visible for miles around, medieval streets and riverside walks.