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As the lockdown in Great Britain starts to ease, and with international travel routes starting to tentatively reopen, we thought it was worth giving you an update on how Great British Escapes is dealing with the current situation!

When can I take a Great British Escape?

We are open now and are taking bookings for holidays commencing from 4 August 2020. We want to ensure all necessary social distancing and additional cleaning measures are fully in place at all the accommodation providers we use, and we think it would be sensible to give them a couple of weeks to work this out!

However, we appreciate that it might be a little while before the international travel market picks up and it may be that you are thinking about your plans for 2021. If so, that’s great and we’d love to help you get started by putting together a bespoke itinerary for your self-drive trip next year! All our itineraries are prepared on an entirely ‘no obligations’ basis so there are no charges at all if you decide not to book with us!

As the situation develops, we’ll need to keep an eye on the travel advice from both the UK government and your home country, and please let us know if you would like any advice about the current guidance.

What will be different during my holiday?

One key difference about travelling this year - and probably throughout 2021 - will be around social distancing. We are all getting used to this as the restrictions are lifted and we ask that you respect the government’s social distancing guidance in place during your trip. At the moment this means that, in England, you must maintain at least 1 metre distance from anyone outside of your own household (whilst adopting precautions to reduce the risk of transmission), and 2 metres where possible. In Scotland and Wales, the social distancing requirement is currently 2 metres between individuals from other households.

A lot of attractions and hospitality venues are working out how they can welcome visitors and we will make sure you have all the updated information relevant for the places you are likely to visit during your trip. A lot of visitor attractions are moving to pre-booked time slots to ensure they aren't too crowded, so that may mean a bit more advance planning to decide where you want to go on any particular day of your trip. Again, we can help with this once the various systems have been adopted!

You may also be asked to provide your contact details when going into pubs & restaurants. This is to help with contact tracing should a case of Covid-19 be confirmed at the venue. Please also respect any requests made by your accommodation providers to assist them in delivering a safe environment (e.g. limited meal times, table service only, or in-room dining options).

Finally, as well as social distancing, please follow all government public health advice on hand hygiene and face coverings (face coverings are currently required if using public transport - and in enclosed spaces where social distancing is not possible – and will soon be necessary in Scottish shops) during your trip.

Will my accommodation be Covid secure?

Yes! We will be regularly checking the safety procedures at all the accommodation providers we work with. For example, an example of the Covid-19 procedures being put in place by one of our hotels, the Lister Arms in the Yorkshire Dales, can be found here - https://www.listerarms.co.uk/media/7049/safety-guide-house-of-daniel-thwaites.pdf. Please do ask if you have any queries about the accommodation you will be staying in.

How safe is it to hire a car?

We only use the most respected car rental companies and all our suppliers have implemented strict protocols to ensure that all vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each hire. They will be disinfecting the whole vehicle from the steering wheel to the ventilation system and keys. As with our recommended accommodation providers, we will be regularly checking the safety procedures to ensure that they are operating with best practice for our customers!

We hope this will help to answer any queries relating to the current situation but, of course, please do contact us to ask if you need any more information or would like to check anything with us!

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